Frequently asked questions

    How many sessions are necessary for a full treatment?
  • On average, 6-10 sessions per area are required.
    What is the time interval between hair removal sessions?
  • From 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the area and the rapidity of hair growth.
    What alternative hair removal methods can be used before and during laser treatment?
  • Hair removal can only be done with a razor blade.
  • It is forbidden to remove hairs through plucking (wax, epilator, tweezers) or by using hair removal creams.
    Is laser hair removal allowed during pregnancy?
  • For your baby’s safety and yours, we choose not to treat clients who are pregnant or want to get pregnant, even if the laser has no adverse effects on the baby.
    Is laser hair removal permanent?
  • Yes, it is permanent for the hairs reached by the laser action. The need to undergo maintenance sessions comes from the fact that new hairs, which were not treated, always appear on the skin.
    How does the Epilless laser act on the hair?
  • The laser generates an 808 nm beam of light that is absorbed by melanin (the hair colouring pigment) in the root of the hair. Melanin overheats and destroys the root of hair, eliminating the hair’s ability to regenerate.
    Is laser treatment dangerous?
  • Laser treatment is not dangerous, as the 808 nm laser beam only acts on hair melanin, not affecting the adjacent areas.
    Is laser treatment painful?
  • Most people feel a discomfort in the skin.
    How does the skin react post-treatment?
  • The skin shows a slight redness of the treated area with small swellings around the hair follicles, indicating that the follicle has responded to treatment.
    Can dark or tanned skin be treated?
  • This type of skin can also be treated, but it is best to undergo a test session first.
    Laser hair removal is only intended for women?
  • No, men can also use the laser hair removal treatment, but in their case the number of sessions increases, due to testosterone.
    Can laser treatment be performed along with supplements or medical treatments?
  • Medicines forbidden during laser treatment are ROACCUTANE or RETIN-A. During the first consultation, we will discuss what medication or nutritionist treatments you take to determine the correct course of treatment.
    After how long will the results be visible?
  • The results will be visible from the first laser session. You will notice slower hair growth and hairless areas. Along the way, after several sessions, you will notice a decrease in the number of hairs, the elimination of up to 70-90% of the total initial hairs.


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