YUMI Lashes bending treatment ant twee-zing - A look, like a thousand of words!

YUMI Lashes is a technique designed to stimulate the growth of eylashes, providing them with curvature, elongation and volume at the same time. YUMI Lashes is the ideal alternative to false eyelashes or eyelashes extensions, providing a natural beauty to the eyelashes. During the procedure, the eyelashes are also dyed to intensify the look.
The YUMI Lashes procedure lasts 1h - 1.30h, does not imply discomfort, the client being blindfolded. The effect of curved eyelashes lasts up to 8-12 weeks, which is also the natural life cycle of a eyelashes. The procedure can be done regularly, and one can observe the growth and thickening of genes from one procedure to another.

Tratament curbare Yumi Lashes
Tratament curbare Yumi Lashes
Tratament curbare Yumi Lashes
Tratament curbare Yumi Lashes

Eyebrow styling

Eyebrow shaping based on face physiognomy, eyebrow pattern preservation, eyelash and eyebrow dyeing.

We recommend plucking eyebrows at least 3-4 weeks in order not to affect the shape of eyebrows date. If the eyebrows are reshaped, it would be ideal to have them grown for at least 6-8 weeks.

Tweezing and eyebrow styling at Epilless Beauty Center Iasi
Yumi Lashes Treatments Price RON Time min
Yumi Lashes eyelash treatment 250 lei 90 min
Yumi Lashes eyebrows lamination * 200 lei 60 min
* Eyebrow lamination also includes shaping and tinting the brows.
Lashes and eyebrows curvature treatment package 360 lei 120 min
For our loyal customers that come to the next Yumi Lashes treatment within 2 months, we provide a 20% discount.

Plucking, eyelash and eyebrow tinting Price RON Time min
Eyebrow shaping / maintenance - women 50 lei 40 min
Eyebrow form shaping - women 65 lei 45 min
Eyebrow shaping - men 60 lei 45 min
Eyebrow form shaping - men 65 lei 60 min
Eyelash tinting 30 lei 30 min
Eyebrow tinting 25 lei 20 min
Eyelash tinting with Henna and tint 40 lei 30 min
Eyebrow tinting with Henna (includes shaping) 100 lei 70 min


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