About laser hair removal technology

Epilless Beauty Salon is delighted to offer you, starting August 2018, the latest technology for removing unwanted hair: Diode Laser hair removel using VCSEL technology, using Milesman Compact system. This system will offer the fastest and painless way for removing unwanted hair.

Epilless Beauty Salon is delighted to offer you the latest technology for permanent removal of unwanted hair: the 808 nm diode laser hair removal system. This system ensures the fastest and painless method of removing unwanted hair

There is a better method of removing unwanted hair

You will be surprised to find out that almost the entire human body is covered with hair. As most hairs are thin and light coloured, they are not visible to the naked eye, but when the hairs thicken and become darker, they can make us feel uncomfortable. For example, for women, these areas with unwanted hairs are the face, neck, abdomen, chest, legs, armpit and pubic area, while men face these problems when it comes to their back, shoulders or chest.

Laser Diode epilation using VCSEL technology

VCSEL Technology, in comparison with standart laser diode, represents a new reference in laser hair removal technique. VCSEL or Vertical Cavity Surface Emiting Laser, emits infrared light perpendicular to the laser head, in contrast to standart laser diodes, witch emits divergent laser rays. Standard laser diode equipments uses a prism for focusing the rays on the surface of the skin.

Epilare laser 808nm Milesman VCSEL

This way, on the skin will apear spots with high intensity, and spots with low intensity of exposure. In the case of VCSEL Technology, this high an low intensity spots, do not apear, due to the uniformity of the emited laser ray, obtaining also a high penetration of the epidermis, where it can rech even the deepest hair follicles

VCSEL comparatie alte lasere

Benefits using VCSEL Milesman technology, in comparison to classical Laser Diodes

  • Uniform laser ray emited perpendicular from the laser head
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Less painfull treatments
  • Shorter times for treatments
  • Laser head cooled to -9 degree celsius

Hair removal methods

In the past, the most common methods of removing unwanted hair used to be:

  • Mechanical removal (plucking, epilators)
  • Shaving with a razor blade
  • Waxing
  • Removal by chemical methods (hair removal creams)

All of these methods have the disadvantage of being temporary, while the laser is currently the most effective way to remove unwanted hair in the long and very long term.

Difference between diode laser and IPL

IPL (intense pulsed light) is not a laser, but a hair removal system. IPL is the most widespread hair removal method in our country, and the oldest, but pain is the great inconvenience of this technique. Also, IPL does not destroy hairs, it just makes them thinner. Thus, the result is not permanent and the procedure should be repeated every year. The way the laser works is different from the one used in IPL, where hair removal is done punctually (pulse by pulse), thus risking leaving "untouched" smaller or larger skin areas.

The Epilless diode laser produces a laser beam with a wavelength of 808 nm concentrated on the treated area. The laser beam emitted is absorbed by melanin, the pigment that gives the hair colour. During this procedure the laser emits a pulse for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and warm up. While it warms up, the hair root is destroyed, thus preventing the hair from regenerating. Due to the large surface of the laser head, a large number of hairs are treated at once, providing a higher rate of treatment than traditional hair removal methods.

An important factor in the unwanted hair removal procedure is pain. The head of the Epilless laser that comes into contact with the skin is cooled to a temperature of 0...+5 degrees Celsius. This way, areas of skin very sensitive to pain can also be treated, without the need for cooling gels or creams with local anaesthetic effect. Cooling of the treated area ensures skin protection before, during and after each laser pulse emitted to the skin, while directing the energy emitted by the laser to the root of the hair.

The Epilless Laser with 808 nm diode allows the cosmetician to adjust the treatment according to skin type and hair colour, ensuring maximum efficiency of treatment at an increased rate, one treatment session for a small or medium sized area, completed in 15-20 minutes, without the need for anaesthetic creams.

How does it work?

The laser produces a concentrated beam of light. The beam of light emitted by the device is absorbed by the hair pigment (melanin) into the hair follicle (Img. 1). Prior to this procedure, the treated area should be shaved one day before the treatment or the same day of treatment (Img. 2). During treatment, the outer layer of the skin is pressed and cooled by the laser head (Img. 3). This protects the skin and increases treatment efficiency. Then the laser is activated for a fraction of a second, sufficient to heat the hair and destroy the follicle’s ability to regenerate (Img. 4). The final result is the permanent removal of hair from the treated area.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

What to expect

The duration of a treatment may vary from a few minutes to one hour or more, depending on the size of the treated area and the type of hair.

Most often we hear talking of definitive hair removal in the case of laser, ipl or spl hair removal. We prefer to call it long-term hair removal, so as not to create confusion that you will be completely hairless after a certain number of sessions.

Laser-based hair removal treatments require more sessions to achieve the best results. The need for more sessions comes from the fact that the laser works best on young hairs in the growing phase. At the same time, hairs may be in the growing phase, but underneath the skin, and not all hairs have the same growth rate. On the same surface, there may be mature, coloured hairs that contain melanin, and young colourless hairs (underneath or on the skin), which do not contain melanin yet and, therefore, cannot be treated. New hair follicles will grow permanently on the human body, that's why maintenance sessions are necessary.

Realistic expectations for laser hair removal include: gradual healing of folliculitis, reduction of hair follicles and visible thinning of remaining hair.

Laser treatment can create a slight discomfort, which is easily tolerated by most people. Before treatment, a test session is conducted, to determine the clients’ degree of discomfort and the skin’s reaction to laser treatment.

The skin reaction in the treated area immediately after the laser session may vary from one customer to another, depending on skin type and the duration of the laser-based hair removal procedure. Side effects are very rare and almost insignificant. They can consist of redness and swelling around the hair follicle, which is actually a desired result, indicating that the follicle has responded to treatment. No recovery period is required post-treatment, and most of the clients return to their daily activity immediately after.

You can book a consultation to find out more about this treatment, possible side effects and final results.

Frequently asked questions

Answers for the most common questions regarding 808nm laser epilation can be found at FAQ page

Laser hair removal for women
Milesman 808nm diode laser hair removal for women Price RON Time min
Extra fee - M zone * 50 lei 15 min
Extra fee - L zone ** 100 lei 15 min
Sideboards / upper lip / cheek / chin *** 60 lei 10 min
Periareolar area / perianal line / stomach line / fingers or toes *** 60 lei 15 min
Partial neck / underarm / bikini line *** 120 lei 20 min
Full face / half arm / full neck *** 180 lei 30 min
Buttocks / brazilian / lumbar / stomach *** 180 lei 20 min
Lower legs / full arm / full back *** 240 lei 45 min
Thighs 300 lei 40 min
Full legs 420 lei 60 min
* Lower legs, bikini line, brazilian, half arm, stomach
** Full legs, thights, full arms
*** Prices are for a single area, one session
Discounts from 20% to 40%, for details contact us. Free testing!

Laser hair removal for men
Milesman 808 nm diode laser hair removal for men Price RON Time min
Extra fee - M zone * 50 lei 15 min
Extra fee - L zone ** 100 lei 15 min
Cheek / hand and fingers *** 120 lei 15 min
Underarm 150 lei 15 min
Half neck 150 lei 15 min
Shoulder / chest / stomach / half back *** 180 lei 20 min
Neck 200 lei 40 min
Full chest / full back / half arm *** 250 lei 40 min
Full arms 300 lei 45 min
Chest and back 420 lei 60 min
Full legs 480 lei 70 min
* Half arm, stomach, chest, shoulders
** Full legs, thights, full arms, full back, full chest
*** Prices are for a single area, one session
Discounts from 20% to 40%, for details contact us. Free testing!


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