Sugar epilation with Sugar of the Nile

Epilless beauty salon provides you with sugar epilation (sugaring) using Sugar of the Nile. Sugaring is the smoothest possible epilation method at this time!
It works great for a gentle skin exfoliation, but especially for a sensitive skin! Soft gentle exfoliation with sugar detoxifies pores making the skin look clean and smooth while removing dead cells, making the skin no longer "skin-aged" look.
The lower the pressure on the skin, the better the results.
WARNING: Sugar epilation does not hurt, such as wax or IPL, unless method is not executed correctly !!!
Depending on how sensitive you are to pain or how sensitive your skin is, the pain present during or after this epilation MUST be bearable.

Epilare zahar Sugar of th Nile
Epilare zahar Sugar of th Nile

Epilarea cu zahar este o metoda sigura pentru eczema, psoriazis si se poate realiza pe orice tip de piele (caucazian, afro american etc), pe diferite texturi ale firului de par si genuri de sex.Este indicata chiar si in cazuri cu diabet.
Epilarea cu zahar este naturala, continand doar apa, zahar si suc de lamaie! Zaharul in sine este un bun conservant natural in care bacteriile nu pot supravietui. Pasta de zahar pentru epilare este foarte prietenoasa cu pielea si este solubila in apa deci nu va cauza nicio ranire a pielii si se curata foarte usor!

The advantages of hair removal with Sugar of the Nile

What are the advantages of sugar waxing? Sugar of the Nile?

  • Epilation with sugar is hygienic
  • Sugar paste is hypoallergenic and does not create folliculitis. Sugar prevents contamination with viruses and bacteria. Because our paste has a high concentration of sugar, bacteria can not develop into packaging. Hygiene also involves the use of nitrile gloves and an essential tonic to be used before and after hair removal, and before that, the skin is degreased with a special cleanser, Presept.

  • Contains natural and pure ingredients: sugar, water and lemon
  • Sugar paste contains only NATURAL INGREDIENTS without being tested on animals and without side effects or allergic reactions. The paste is so natural that it can be eaten! Wax contains many chemical ingredients, most resins and preservatives!

  • It's not hot: it has body temperature
  • The sugar paste is applied at body temperature and is safe for all parts of the body. It is also safe for areas with varicose veins and blood vessels. This way you will never burn the client's skin. The hot wax must be heated to a certain temperature to liquefy. This temperature can cause burns and signs on the client's skin. It can also penetrate the skin of the client's skin, making hair removal more difficult. Long-term use of waxing with wax can rupture the underlying skin tissues, especially in lips and eyebrows, making wrinkles appear.

  • It is easy to clean: sugar paste can be cleaned water
  • The sugar is easily cleaned with water from any surface if it comes in contact with the cosmetics equipment or with the clothes of the clients. Clients will never feel "sticky" after these treatments. Sugar paste is not reused from one customer to another.

  • Does not stick to the skin
  • Sugar does not adhere to living skin cells. Live cells are moist, and because sugar is soluble in water, it will not stick to the living skin cells. It will extract hair and exfoliate the dead skin cells, helping to remove the hair from the skin. It is also safe to treat dry skin with eczema or psoriasis. This means less discomfort to the client and less trauma to the skin. It is mild enough to be applied several times to the same area of the skin so that even the smallest hair can be extracted, without causing skin irritation. It is known that wax adheres very easily to the living cells of the skin, thus wrinkling with painful wax and causing irritation. Wax can not be applied on the same surface wiped more than twice.

  • It does not break the hairs nor the skin
  • Because the sugar paste is very malleable, it penetrates the hairline to the root of the follicle and virtually lubricates the hair, making the extraction more complete and gentler. Hair is extracted from the follicle only in the natural direction of growth, which helps to intact the hair. Due to the hair removal direction, the client feels less discomfort, almost no. One of the common problems of hair waxing is the early hair growth due to broken wires and not completely extracted. Waxing leaves 15-30% more broken wires. This problem is caused not by the aesthetic but by the wax used. As the wax strengthens on the hair, it tends to break it from the surface rather than remove it from the root.

  • Can even wax the shortest hairs
  • The technique of sugar waxing requires that the hair must have less less than 1 cm or that it may be between four and seven days after shaving. In some cases, it depends on the experience of the make-up, the hair can be extracted even after two days of shaving. For hair removal it is necessary that the hair must be grown for at least two to three weeks before treatment.

  • In time it leads to permanence, so the hairs will grow in smaller numbers
  • After a number of treatments, the hair follicle begins to disappear. Hair grows finer every time and less often. Since sugar can extract and short hair yarns it is possible that they are extracted in the growth phase, which leads to permanent. Customers will see major results even after a few treatments.

Gama produse epilare Sugar of the Nile

Sugaing hair removal service Sugar of the Nile

Tips before sugar depilation:
  • If this is your first experience with hair removal with sugar, please let hair grow between 5-7 days or 1-2 cm before programming.
  • Vcome at the beauty salon with clean, dry skin.
  • Do not use any lotion, deodorant, oils or other skin care products on the areas you intend to epilate with sugar.
Care and maintenance after sugar epilation:
  • Use sunscreen on freshly epilated areas with sugar paste.
  • Avoid tanning immediately after epilation. The skin will be more sensitive to UV rays.
  • Avoid using makeup after sugar depilation.
  • The most important thing to remember, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Exfoliating the skin improves blood circulation and condition the skin, and is the best method of preventing the growth of wires under the skin. Gently exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week to keep your skin in a good condition between epilation. Avoid sponges in loofah, it is known that they retain the bacteria. We recommend an organic scrub on the basis of sugar and olive oil and, if desired, a natural sea sponge and then an organic body butter from our store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Brazilian epilation?
  • For a woman, there should be no hair in the intimate area (labia or anal). We're adapting to your requirements, and the Brazilian epilating decision is yours.

  • What happens if I use Retin A or Renova products?
  • These products can cause thinning of the skin there are applied. Please wait 2 months after stopping treatment with these products.

  • How often do I have to epilate with sugar?
  • Sugar epilation is usually recommended every 3 - 6 weeks, but the time varies from person to person.

  • How long should I have my hair?
  • Although sugaring removes even the shortest hairs, for optimum results the hair should be between 1-2 mm.

  • Will I be sticky after epilation?
  • Never. Because the sugar mixture is soluble in water, the remaining sugar can be removed with some warm water. Do not ever use other products to remove sugar from the skin.

  • Can I remove unwanted hair with sugar paste if I'm pregnant?
  • Especially. There is no chemical in the sugar paste, so it is very safe both for the pregnant woman and for the baby.

  • Will I be red or irritated after sugar epilation?
  • There is no recovery time after sugar depilation. Depending on the type of skin and frequency of epilation, the skin may be red at first.

  • Will my hair stop growing?
  • Since sugar pulls hair out of the root, it will grow finer and softer and regular regular treatments result in emptying the follicle.

Sugaring using sugar paste for women
Sugaring (using "Sugar of the Nile" sugar paste) Price RON Time min
Extra fee - difficult epilation - From * 15 lei 20 min
Upper lip/ chin / stomach line / cheeks / sideburns / neck / perianal line hair removal - From ** 25 lei 15 min
Breast hair removal - From ** 30 lei 20 min
Underarm / Partial tomach - From ** 35 lei 15 min
Underarm - difficult 40 lei 20 min
Bikini line / perianal line - From 40 lei 30 min
Bikini line - difficult 50 lei 30 min
Half arm / full stomach / lumbar hair removal - From 50 lei 30 min
Lower legs - From 60 lei 45 min
Full arms hair removal - From 60 lei 45 min
Full back - From 60 lei 45 min
Total facial hair removal - From 60 lei 45 min
Thights hair removal - From 65 lei 60 min
Brazilian hair removal - perianal line included - From 70 lei 40 min
Brazilian hair removal - after razor - difficult 80 lei 45 min
Full legs hair removal - From 100 lei 90 min
Full legs hair removal - difficult 120 lei 100 min
Calming mask with minerals and collagen area S 20 lei 15 min
Calming mask with minerals and collagen area M 30 lei 20 min
Calming mask with minerals and collagen area L 50 lei 30 min
* This fee applies to difficult sugaring, which needs more time, effort and product than an usual sugaring, for very short or very long hairs, after shaving, folliculitis and for extended areas.
** Prices are for a single area

Sugaring using sugar paste for men
Sugaring for men Price RON Time min
Extra fee - difficult epilation - From * 10 lei 20 min
Underarm / stomach / chest / shoulders hair removal - From ** 40 lei 20 min
Half arm hair removal - From 60 lei 30 min
Half leg / full arm hair removal - From ** 70 lei 60 min
Full back / full chest hair removal - difficult ** 70 lei 60 min
Full legs hair removal - difficult 150 lei 120 min
Calming mask with minerals and collagen area S 20 lei 15 min
Calming mask with minerals and collagen area M 30 lei 20 min
Calming mask with minerals and collagen area L 50 lei 30 min
* This fee applies to difficult sugaring, which needs more time, effort and product than an usual sugaring, for very short or very long hairs, after shaving, folliculitis and for extended areas.
** Prices are for a single area


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