Disposable Wax Epilation

Waxing is an effective way to remove unwanted hair from your body and is also durable - the thread grows in 2-3 weeks.

At Epilless beauty salon you can choose either traditional wax or disposable cartridge wax. If the wax is warm, it penetrates into the follicles and the thread is pulled from the root. The downside is that if you have sensitive skin, the procedure can be painful and local irritation may occur. In general, you can call without fear for this procedure for any part of the body - including more delicate areas such as the axles and the inguinal part.

Disposable Wax Epilation at Salon Epilless Iasi RICA

For successful epilation, we need to keep in mind some tips:

  • To obtain maximum results, the hair should be at least half a centimeter long
  • It is recommended to exfoliate the body before epilation to remove the dead cells and to help the wires come out
  • Use after epilation creams and moisturizing oils to prevent irritation
  • Avoid sun exposure after epilation for at least 24 hours


Due to the rooting process of the root hair, waxing is contraindicated in cases of varicose veins due to the sensitivity of the capillary vessels. If your epidermis is sensitive you are prone to allergic reactions after epilation.

Waxing (using disposable wax) for women Price RON Time min
Upper lip/ chin / stomach line/ cheeks hair removal * 15 lei 15 min
Underarm/half arm hair removal * 25 lei 20 min
Stomach/chest/buttock/lumbar hair removal * 30 lei 20 min
Bikini line/ full arms * 40 lei 20 min
Half leg/full back hair removal * 40 lei 30 min
Total facial hair removal * 40 lei 40 min
Brazilian hair removal - perianal line included 60 lei 45 min
Full leg hair removal 60 lei 50 min
* Prices are for a single area

Waxing (using disposable wax) for men Price RON Time min
Underarm/halh arm hair removal * 30 lei 15 min
Stomach/chest hair removal * 40 lei 30 min
Half leg/full arms hair removal * 50 lei 40 min
Full chest/full back hair removal * 70 lei 50 min
Full leg hair removal 80 lei 60 min
* Prices are for a single area


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