Sugar of the Nile Sugar Paste Epilation Courses

Epilless beauty salon offers a new service: trainig for hair removal using sugar pasteSugar of the Nile. Sugar epilation is used since the Egyptian times.
The sugar paste Sugar of the Nile is licensed in Canada after an old Egyptian recipe. Sugar of the Nile produces sugar paste made from natural ingredients, containing sugar, water and lemon juice. Ensures a more gentle and far more efficient hair removal. It is easy to use, mild with skin and does not contain absolutely any chemical ingredient or other additives. It has never been tested on animals and will not be. In fact it is so natural that it can be eaten!
While other types of sugar paste can be very expensive, the Sugar of the Nile paste is produced in large quantities and tries to keep the prices as low as possible so as to be more accessible to all Romanian salons!

Epilation with sugar paste


  • Epilation with sugar is hygienic, sugar paste is hypoallergenic and does not create folliculitis. Sugar prevents contamination with viruses and bacteria. Because our paste has a high concentration of sugar, bacteria can not develop into packaging. Hygiene also involves the use of nitrile gloves and an essential tonic to be used before and after epilation, and before that, the skin is degreased with a special cleanser.

  • Sugar paste contains only natural ingredients, it is 100% natural: it contains only water, sugar and lemon juice. The sugar paste contains only NATURAL INGREDIENTS, without being tested on animals and without side effects or allergic reactions. The paste is so natural that it can be eaten! Wax contains many chemical ingredients, most resins and preservatives!

  • It's not hot, it's applied to body temperature. The sugar paste is applied at body temperature and is safe for all parts of the body. It is also safe for areas with varicose veins and blood vessels, capillary vessels. This way you will never burn the client's skin. The hot wax must be heated to a certain temperature to liquefy. This temperature can cause burns and signs on the client's skin. It can also penetrate the skin of the client's skin, making hair removal more difficult. Long-term use of waxing with wax can rupture the underlying skin tissues, especially in lips and eyebrows, making wrinkles appear.

  • The sugar paste is easy to clean with warm water, sugar is water-soluble, easy to clean with water on any surface if it comes in contact with cosmetics equipment or with customer's clothing. Clients will never feel "sticky" after these treatments. Sugar paste is never used from one customer to another!

  • It does not stick to the skin, so it will never stress your skin or tissues, sugar does not stick to the living skin cells. Live cells are moist, and because sugar is soluble in water, it will not stick to the living skin cells. It will extract hair and exfoliate the dead skin cells, helping to remove the hair from the skin. It is also safe to treat dry skin with eczema or psoriasis. This means less discomfort to the client and less trauma to the skin. It is mild enough to be applied several times to the same area of the skin so that even the smallest hair can be extracted, without causing skin irritation. It is known that wax adheres very easily to the living cells of the skin, thus wrinkling with painful wax and causing irritation. Wax can not be applied on the same surface wiped more than twice.

  • It does not break the hair because the sugar paste is very malleable, it penetrates the hairline to the root of the follicle and virtually lubricates the hair so that the extraction is more complete and gentler. Hair is extracted from the follicle only in the natural direction of growth, which helps to intact the hair. Due to the hair removal direction, the client feels less discomfort, almost no. One of the common problems of hair waxing is the early hair growth due to broken wires and not completely extracted. Waxing leaves 15-30% more broken wires. This problem is caused not by the aesthetic but by the wax used. As the wax hardens, the hair tends to break it from the surface but to root him out.

  • Can pluck even the shortest hairs, min 1.5 mm sugar hair removal technique requires hair to be increased by more than 1.5 mm or to have between four and seven days after shaving. In some cases, it depends on the experience of the make-up, the hair can be extracted even after two days of shaving. For hair removal it is necessary that the hair is grown for at least two to three weeks before treatment.

  • In time it leads to permanence, so hair hairs will increase in a smaller number after a number of treatments and the hair follicle begins to disappear. Hair grows finer every time and less often. Because sugar can extract short hairs and they may be removed in the anagen growth phase leading to permanent. Customers will see major results even after a few treatments.

  • It is extremely efficient and it is cost effective because you can epilate a whole body with a handful of sugar paste and not at all costly because it has a very economical consumption of products compared to other epilation methods.

  • It does not have many contraindications compared to other epilation methods, IPL or wax. Sugar epilation does not have many contraindications. If they are still, they are permissive later, namely:
    - it does not apply to open wounds, does not apply to a skin that has undergone a chemical peeling treatment, microdermabrasion, does not apply to a person who has taken Acutane, Retin A, Retinol, Vitamin C (ask the specialist about other contraindications). This epilation can be performed 30 days after the last treatment as described above.

To whom does the course address?

The sugaring course is addressed exclusively to people who have a cosmetics course (cosmeticians)
The method requires patience and much exercise, but the results speak for themselves. At the Epilless Beauty Salon, Sugar of the Nile Sugar Paste is successfully done since 2015. Most clients who try the method of sugar-paste hair removal remain the true of this process

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